What happens at my portrait session?

Preparing your hubby and kiddos for the family portrait each year is a daunting task.  First you have to convince your husband that yes, you literally will die if you don’t have a picture of you and the kids without a hint of your arm sticking out holding the iphone.

Then you have to find five outfits that kinda go together if you squint real hard and [force/shove/bribe] your family into the Sienna, just to get there on time and wait in that not quite big enough, crowded room with the other ten families and their screaming kids.

Finally it’s your turn and you walk into a room about the size of your master bath, sans the bathtub, and spend the next ten minutes praying a) your husband won’t walk out and b) your kids won’t break anything.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was another way?

Wouldn’t it be great if you were told exactly what to look for in your outfits to make your family look like they belong together?  Wouldn’t it be great if the photographer would come to you, or meet you at your kids favorite park?  Wouldn’t it be great if at the end of the session your husband was smiling and talking about next years location?

And the kids, the kids wouldn’t even realize they were at a portrait session because it was like a big playdate with a lady that happened to be holding a camera!

This can happen.  (We can make this happen.)

At your portrait session we’ll create images that will remind you of your family and the times you’ve shared.  You will feel an overwhelming sense of connection and love from those relationships each time you see your images.  You will feel contentment and sheer joy when you look at them.

If you’re looking for formal, studio portraits with a blue or gray backdrop I am not the girl for you.

Your time will be spent with little arms wrapped around your neck competing for the biggest hug EVER.  You’ll start to feel like a kid again yourself and that is when I’ll get the photos you’ll love forever.

Soon your walls will be plastered with the smiles, giggles, pouts, and funny faces that you love.  Whenever you walk by your canvas hanging on your wall your heart will burst.  Guaranteed.

If you want neck-hugging, face-squeezing, true-to you family portraits that your family will be eager to do again year after year, send me an email at info@lisaanneportraits.com today!