Meet Lisa

Me with my only girl…I figure with five brothers she deserves a pic on the website!

Every month was the same scene: I would drag my little bundle of joy out to the nearest big store photo studio to use the latest coupon.  Ten minutes and fifteen camera clicks later I’d sit out with the other moms amongst the sound of crying children staring at the white walls, not so patiently waiting to see if there were any “good ones”.  After about a year of this, I thought to myself, there has got to be a better way!

Brushing the dust off, I picked up my old Minolta XG-9 film camera.  My fingers remembered heavy feel of metal right away.  Several rolls of film later I decided to make the leap to digital.  A few weeks later, the sound of squealing brakes announced the arrival of my brand new digital camera.  I opened the box with bated breath and took out the camera that would change my life.

After convincing my boss that yes, I knew what I was doing, and yes, I really was leaving, I walked out of building 902, where I had worked the last eight years designing aircraft carriers at the shipyard.  I drove home with elation…with a dash of complete and total terror.  Three years later I wake up every morning with complete assurance that this is what God intended me to do.

As a mom to six kids, I quickly acquired the skills needed to create awesome images of your babies too (cause they’ll always be your babies, right?), and I would love to put them to work for you!  As my daughter will confirm, living with four boys means nothing that your kiddos do will faze me – I can work with it all, and deliver your at in one piece.  Expect corny jokes, bug catching, princess talks, and lots of laughter during our session.  And at the end, big hugs all around!